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Asia Culture Center steps up effort to play a pivotal role in culture and arts of Asia

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The Center contains 1,389 contents and 970 of those are self-produced accounting for 71%

It positions itself as a cultural hub by supporting art community and official development assistance

Marking the 7th anniversary, the Asia Culture Center (ACC) is stepping up its effort to become a powerful force for culture and arts and to serve as a cultural hub in Asia.

ACC is a global arts complex organization that was founded by channeling the May 18th Demographic Movement’s significant values into arts. Also, it aims to grow together with other Asian countries, making the best of culture and arts. It is the only international arts center in Korea, which is themed with Asia and serves as a foothold for cultural exchanges.

It consists of five main buildings: the ACC Culture Exchange; the ACC Archive & Research; the ACC Creation; the ACC Theater; and the ACC Children. With these main buildings working cohesively, ACC creates and gives out the dynamic energy that various Asian cultures spurt.

The ACC Archive & Research collects and researches cultural resources from countries in Asia. The ACC Creation is a place where a variety of contents, such as exhibitions and performances, are created in collaboration with cultural specialists and IT experts. In the ACC Theater, Asian Contemporary Arts are created and displayed. The ACC Children provides a venue for the young to experience Asian culture. Newly opened after the remodeling, the ACC Culture Exchange serves as a forum to spread and discuss the spirits of democracy, human rights, and peace. Unlike other organizations, the ACC takes charge of all the processes from research, content creation to distribution at the venue, which makes it stand out.

The ACC has put much effort to serve as an open space for communication locally and as a platform to create arts and promote Asian culture globally for the past seven years. As a result, it ends up having 1,389 contents as of the end of October, 2022. 71% of the contents, that is, 970 cases, have been created by the ACC itself. Despite the Pandemic, 12.8 million visitors have come to the Center to enjoy the high quality contents. That is the reason why the ACC is evaluated to be a pioneer to push forward the frontiers of Asian culture.

In addition, the ACC is taking a big step as a culture and art exchange hub. It has kept supporting the Aisan Culture Week, the art communities, and the international residency. Also, it has put a lot of effort to research and protect cultures in Asia by supporting the capacity of culture in Myanmar, Laos, and Kyrgyzstan and preserving the recorded heritage in the Pacific and Asian region. Moreover, the ACC is growing together with the local community by facilitating communication through culture. This growth is made possible thanks to: events and festivals hosted together with the local art community; the distinct culture and art education; training talented individuals; and win-win programs for the development of the local area.

The ACC is seeking ways to transform itself into the “organization leading Asia contemporary arts” by the year 2050, when it will celebrate its 10th anniversary. For this, the ACC will pursue to strengthen networks at regional, national, and global levels. Also, its plan is to promote the research on Asia and encourage people to fuse their contents with Asian culture. What’s more, it will raise the social awareness and understanding of Asian culture values and offer more services as a complex art institution.    

Furthermore, the institution has presented three main themes of Asian culture history in a two-year cycle. Namely, it is going to display a variety of aspects of Asia, specifically, City Cultures from 2023 to 2024, Lifestyles from 2025 to 2026 and Asian Arts from 2027 to 2028.

There are some that the organization does locally. As a platform for cultural exchanges, it is pushing ahead with supporting further the specialized official development assistance. Also, it is actively communicating with the local and global institutions and researching technologies as well as humanities for digital transformation of cultural heritage and content creation.

Lee Kanghyun, the director of the Center, says “the ACC exists because it pursues to expand Asian cultural values by exchanging culture and art and fusing those into something creative.” He goes on to say “we will do our best to widely spread the values of Asian culture and arts and play a role as a cultural hub that connects Asia with the international world while making useful, distinct contents.”

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