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Barbara Reindorp releases an interesting story for children titled “The Unbearable Bear Thief”.

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This is a children's book about a wicked man that steals children's bears written by Barbara, who is an author, with an illustration by David Gaunt. This book is her first children’s book, but it’s not just for kids. It’s inspired by her husband of many years, and his passion for bears. There are elements of their life together in this story, but the plot is mostly from Barbara’s imagination.

Missing Bears

California - Wally is a hero that finds lots of missing bears with the help of some important secret agents from the USA and Russia as well as his good friend, PC Ripple.  Wally also makes a website for missing bears and all the lost bears are reunited with their owners.

Wally’s heroic actions are rewarded with very special invitations from important people in Russia and Wales. So off he goes on two very enjoyable and exciting trips with his family and his new friend, Miranda.

Most people love bears but there is one wicked man and his wife who don’t like them and think that bear owners are silly people.  Could they be involved with the missing bears?

The unbearable bear thief is a story about a brave man, his love for bears, and his new friendship with Miranda who can be naughty sometimes but is really very nice and kind.

Barbara Reindorp is the author of the story titled “The unbearable bear thief”.  This is her first book and it is not just for children. This story is inspired by her husband’s love for bears and his imagination and so she created the main character and hero, Wally Whinge.  There are some elements of their life together but the story is mostly from Barbara’s imagination.

A brief about wally whinge in the book read so “Wally Whinge is a bit of a whinger.  He loves his wife, Lily, and his mum, Annie and he also loves all his bears. His house and car are all about bears of all sizes and shapes.  He has many bears and his favorite is his bedtime bear, Hughie. He has a special relationship with Hughie and some other bears so when they are alone, he has little chats with them and no one else listens so this is their little secret.  Wally trusts Lily and his mum so he shares this little secret with them but they never join in with these little chats. They are very private chats between Wally and his special bears.” 

Wally doesn’t have any children and doesn’t really have any interest in them until the day he meets Miranda who also loves bears.  One day Miranda’s favorite bear, Dicky is stolen when she is at a shopping mall. Miranda is so upset about her missing bear but feels a bit better when Wally says he hopes to find Dicky soon. Wally has a good idea who has taken her bear.

“This is my first book, but the story is inspired by my husband’s love for bears and his imagination. This book takes you through Wally Whinge’s childhood, adolescence, and teenage years into adulthood. It is not just for children but adults will enjoy it as well since there are some very funny parts in this story that will make you laugh out loud (but mostly on your own).” says, Barbara Reindorp

This is not just a children's book, it's for adults and children alike. Wally Whinge is more than an ordinary bear. He is a hero who does extraordinary things and saves lives whenever he can. Barbara Reindorp and her husband love bears, want to own and breed them as pets and always tell their children that if they want to meet one of their special BBs then they must not run away from it or hide in a cupboard. 

However, the website allows users to report a lost bear, receive a found bear, and buy bear books. The website is designed for bear lovers to access missing bears and read more about teddy bears, fluffy bears, children's bears.

About Missing Bears 

Barbara Reindorp is the author of the story titled “The Unbearable Bear Thief.”  This is her first book, and it is not just for children. This story is inspired by her husband’s love for bears and his imagination, so she created the main character and hero, Wally Whinge.  There are some elements of their life together, but the story is mainly from Barbara’s imagination.

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