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Government of Singapore Following Feng Shui Guidelines for Many Major Development Projects

There is a close association between the Singapore government and Feng Shui. Over the decades, several development projects of the Singapore government are observed to have elements of Feng Shui and are believed to add more value to the structures. History reveals that Singapore gained independence in the year 1965, and right since then, the country has improved economically by a considerable level to achieve top world rankings. 

After independence, the government worked on a significant number of development projects. Although it is a tiny island with a limited number of natural resources, the developments are inspired by some strategic locations, the talent of local communities, and system integrations. In the 1970s, the proposed MRT system involved digging railway tunnels under the city. Feng Shui theory stated that digging tunnels underground may disrupt the natural energy below the earth's surface and can trigger a major economic crisis. To deal with the consequences, the government decided to design an octagonal one-dollar coin as Venerable Hoon Choon's (Feng Shui consultant) recommendation that it could enhance economic stability in the country. This is how the Singaporean government created the world's first octagonal coin and it helped Singapore to avoid a major economic downturn, which otherwise affected the rest of the world.

Singapore Government projects involving Feng Shui.

Changi Airport in Singapore is one of the busiest and best airports in the world. It is located on the east side of this beautiful island. At the same time, the aircraft enters this runway from the northeast to land at 23 degrees. The airport is located on the east side of Singapore which is Pa-Kua – Lo Shu number 3 whereas airplanes land in the Northeast direction with number 8. Which ultimately make up Feng Shui He Tu's combination of numbers 3 and 8, making this airport one of the most successful projects in Singapore. This has made Singapore the premier transport hub for the region.

Jurong Industrial Development is on the west side of the island. This represents yin metal which is an ideal choice for high value industrial area. Therefore, the government dedicated the Jurong Industrial Development project to encouraging semiconductor-based industries to utilize yin metal energies. Tuas Crossing is another popular bridge that was designed in the Northwest direction, and it was opened in the year 1998 in addition to the existing Causeway crossing in the North. It has a unique combination of North and Northwest is a He Tu combination of numbers 1 and 6. This development enhances the authority and wealth creation for the Singapore government.

Before Marina Bay's development, the Singapore River used to flow into the sea, and Feng Shui states that this outflow of water indicates the draining of wealth.

The Venerable Hong Choon (Feng Shui Consultant) placed a mystical creature, "The Merlion" at the mouth of the Singapore River to help preserve the wealth of the nation. The Merlion became the official logo for the Tourism Board of Singapore. The Marina Bay was subsequently constructed to collect the water from the Singapore River to help accumulate the nation's wealth.

There is a rain vortex in the heart of the Jewel of Changi Airport building. This is known as the tallest indoor waterfall in the entire world. The Feng Shui consultant believes that there is a need to have more energy on the lower floors of this shopping centre; therefore, this "waterfall of wealth" was designed to bring down the energy to the ground floor. Moreover, Singapore Flyer is another considerable Feng Shui element. On the development of this large wheel, it was noticed that the clockwise rotation of this wheel displays an outward flow of energy – which represents wealth going away from Singapore. Therefore, the movement was changed to the anti-clockwise direction so that all the energy could be reflected towards Singapore while maintaining more growth and prosperity. There are many other elements of Feng Shui that can be found in different parts of Singapore Development projects to manage the energies as per critical guidelines.

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Dr Michael Oon is a renowned Feng Shui Consultant who has worked on 5 continents for over 20 years. He practises Traditional Feng Shui, which has strong roots dating back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD).

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He focuses on providing the best Feng Shui design guidelines to the clients so that they can achieve positive outcomes from all the major investments of life.

Therefore, people wanting to achieve even more significant positive outcomes in their lives consult Dr. Michael Oon for any of the upcoming development projects. 

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