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Placenta Products Utilizes Modern Techniques to Create Placental-Based Products

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US Company Utilizes Modern Techniques to Create Placental-Based Products

Placenta Products, a new US company, is developing alternative health and beauty products for men and women in the USA. All the products are ISO certified and made in a GMP facility. To learn more, try some of the most innovative homeopathic health remedies for pain, anxiety, and beauty. Based on the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Placenta Products utilizes modern scientific techniques to create placental-based products with added steps to account for purity, safety and efficacy concerns.

Placenta Pills get a bad rap because they are wrongfully attributed only to women, and moreover, to those that are currently childbearing. Placenta Products specializes in the utilization of porcine for human products. The difference allows for consistency between doses, limits variations between batches, and streamlines the products from start to finish,” said Boris Markosian, President and CEO. In the end, whether you decide to consume Placenta from a pig, sheep, deer, dolphin, or other human, it is important to weight the risks and benefits.

Health products that aren’t made in a GMP facility cannot account for strict regulatory hurdles, and aren’t responsible for keeping detailed sourcing records, inventory arrivals, and output levels. Another process, ISO certification, is as important in the supplement space as the FDA is for Western medicine. An international third-party organization, ISO certification defines what a passing grade of a specific product would entail, and provides the highest quality certification of approval among any players in the space.

Placenta Planet LLC dba Placenta Products, formerly Vicenta, is a forward-thinking firm that manufactures and develops alternative health products based on the health benefits of placenta. The reason behind the name change is the company’s aim is to develop more products from Placenta, not just a supplement. They believe in humanity’s greatest natural healing power and turn to traditional Chinese medicine, which has a considerably longer history of 1500 years vs. 200 years than Western medicine.

“Many diseases can be treated and cured through naturopathy instead of relying on chemical medications that have severe side effects and are incompletely understood. Traditional Chinese medicine, on the other hand, has been successfully practiced for thousands of years, and the trademarks of Eastern medicine are still relevant today, as proven by novel medicines based on the alternative medical system,” said Mr. Markosian.

As more information on the benefits of eating placenta becomes available, the Western medical system gains a better understanding of the scientific basis behind the multiple benefits of eating placenta. Placentophagy is a method that has been used in China for over 1,500 years and has been approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health for over 50 years. Despite the abundance of products accessible in Japan, no safe, dependable, or effective placenta products have been invented or manufactured in the United States. However, when we discovered more about the benefits of placental ingestion, a group of scientists decided to develop a product created in the United States for both American and international consumers.

That was the original basis of the company, and Vicenta, LLC was the company’s original name, which was derived from the words Vitamin and Placenta. The company was founded to provide a novel product to the United States that was based on the placenta, a by-product of after-birth that is formed during pregnancy to protect the fetus while helping supply it with nutrients and minerals. These nutrients are then retained and expelled upon birth, and that tissue is captured by Placenta Products to develop an over-the-counter supplement for men and women. For the first time a US company is developing alternative medicine, using homeopathic techniques, and it works. The product is full of vitamins, and as more scientific studies have been conducted to confirm the benefits of placenta, Placenta Products brings the benefits directly to men and women, in a safe and easy to take supplement.

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