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Sustainable Pest Systems Solves Termite Infestation Problem For Homeowners

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Sustainable Pest Systems Solves Termite Infestation Problem For Homeowners

Termites present a major risk to all properties and infest area homes without any warning. The insects burrow into the dirt underneath the foundation or crawl space and travel throughout the property. If the insects aren’t removed, serious property damage can result. Find out how these professional pest control providers can protect one’s home.  

Inspecting the Property 

Annual home inspections are beneficial for property owners and inform them of any property damage risks. A pest control service can inspect the property for signs of termites and help the owner get faster services. If they find the termites before a major infestation happens, there is a lower risk of serious damage. Termites will make a meal of the wood framing and building materials. This causes instability and serious damage to a home’s wood components. Talk to a pest control professional about options for termite treatment in Raleigh

Assessing the Property Damage

During the termite inspection, the pest control technicians identify all property damage and report it to the owner. Some homeowners’ insurance policies pay for property restoration after a termite infestation, and the owner needs a damage report to file a claim.

The owner can review the terms of their policy to see if there is any coverage for pest control, but it’s not likely. There might be a few restrictions on remediation or restoration services. However, it’s worth a try and might help the owner save money after the termites are exterminated. A local pest control service such as Sustainable Pest Systems offers termite services, so contact them today for an appointment. 

Exterminating the Termites

Extermination practices for termites start with cutting off the insects’ food and water supplies. Pest control technicians set up traps that stop termites from traveling through their colonies, and the termites starve. They spray chemicals underneath the home to kill termites flying around instantly and stop them from damaging the property further.  

How to Prevent More Termites in the Future

Keeping barriers at the end of each colony stops new termites from getting in, and the property owner needs ongoing pest control services to stop new infestations. Typically, if the homeowner can see termites flying around their porch light, the infestation requires immediate action. Ongoing pest control services prevent new infestations and eliminate existing termites.  

Assessing the Termite Damage

The homeowner must hire a contractor to repair and close off any interior breaks in walls. The repairs prevent termites from entering the property and causing serious damage inside the home. With a serious infestation, termites are likely to break through wallboard and swarm inside the living spaces. While the termites won’t bite the family or their pets, the insects are annoying and will get into everything. Termites in the property’s interior present risks to wood furnishings and antiques.  

Where to Get Pest Control

Sustainable Pest Systems offers comprehensive pest control services to eliminate all termites from one’s home. Termite infestations that aren’t managed properly lead to serious property damage risks and could make the home unstable. Set up an appointment with their pest control professionals to protect one’s home. 

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