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Giordano Carretta built the top team for Enagic in Italy

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Network marketing expert Giordano Carretta has defined himself as a mentor that helps people turn their lives around through network marketing.

The marketing space is always evolving, and success belongs to those who can quickly adapt to the changes. According to Giordano Carretta, network marketing has become a great asset for many individuals and companies to build and grow.

Giordano Carretta is a network marketing expert and mentor who is teaching people how to build 6-figure businesses. Carretta aims to help people understand the mechanics of network marketing and its role in companies’ growth.

The bridge between companies and their customers is marketing. Most companies don’t know how to connect with audiences and get their products on customer radars. Network marketing experts like Carretta are helping businesses make the most of their marketing budgets. He explains that marketing is a lucrative space for those who do it right. This is the space that has helped him grow as an entrepreneur and help others do the same.

As the race for businesses to compete in the digital space heats up, Carretta has found a way to cut through the noise and get heard by audiences. He has trained successful teams, most notably the number one team in Italy for Enagic.

Enagic is a Japan-based international company that manufactures alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines. The company is committed to transforming tap water in homes to make it pure, healthy hydrogen-rich drinking water. Carretta joined the company as a network marketer in 2015, which marked a huge shift in his life and career.

Prior to network marketing, Carretta was a football coach and bus boy working multiple jobs to make ends meet. Despite working every day of the week, he was sinking deeper into debt, and in three years, he had accumulated up to $30,000 in debt. His dream of rebuilding his life in California after moving from Italy was fast fading until he got into network marketing.

In educating and training network marketing teams, Carretta covers the importance of marketing for companies and the potential for people to turn their lives around. Building the Enagic team didn’t happen overnight, but it has been a monumental part of his life. He shares that network marketing gave him a renewed look at life when he was hanging off the edge.

Besides training teams on the ground, Carretta also educates audiences online through his social platforms, YouTube, Podcasts, and more. He believes that entrepreneurship is a journey to success that starts with action and an open mind. Carretta shares that successful entrepreneurs must learn how and when to take action when they recognize good opportunities.

However, he cautions people against going into it expecting to make quick money. His journey has been an investment in himself, and he teaches people how to gradually build, grow and choose to pursue their passions without expecting to become overnight millionaires.

“It’s okay to have selfish goals, but you can only achieve them by serving others. This concept changed my life, and my business took off when I realized that. That is why I am helping entrepreneurs turn their passion for health into multiple six-figure businesses.” 

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