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Dimitri Douchin, PhD Debuts New Online Clinic Focused on Helping Men out of Addiction

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Douchin, a psychotherapist and recovered addict, has created a new platform offering online treatments with private community support for men.

August 16, 2022 – Dimitri Douchin, PhD and Benoit Maurel are the co-founders of Unhooked, a new revolutionary online platform and community dedicated to the treatment of addiction for men. Douchin, a psychotherapist specialised in addictions, has himself overcome his battles with several addictions. “Addiction is the illness of the 21st century, yet to this date addictions still remain quite misunderstood. It is time to address the elephant in the room of mental health” Douchin states.

The idea of creating a platform for men stems from the fact that addictions are often associated with feelings of shame, guilt and ostracisation. By creating a strong sense of community, men – and conversely women – can feel free to express themselves in a trusted space where they can break these taboos, without fearing of being judged.

There also exist gender-specific differences in how addictions are lived by men and women. For instance men are more likely to become addicted, but women who are addicted are more likely to relapse.

The platform Unhooked is delivering therapy for the healing of trauma and emotional wounds, the main reasons why addictions develop in the first place Douchin states. “It’s all about reprogramming the mind into understanding why those compulsions are so meaningful for those people, reprocessing the traumas behind the attachment and building a new life with constructive habits and a sense of purpose away from the addiction.”

By analysing the psychology behind the compulsive behaviour, we can track back the source of the traumas and heal them with standard trauma recovery techniques. Unhooked also includes a community section where men in distress can receive support, coaching and accountability to overcome their compulsive behaviors.

People suffering from trauma or too high a stress in their daily life find themselves In this state of vulnerability, and soothing stimulation creates an incredible rush of dopamine, a neurological cocktail that feels extremely appealing, but at the conscious level we are not in position to understand the long term consequences.”

Adults with compulsive behaviours suffer from a variety of damages in their life ranking from minor to devastating, including difficulties in relationships with loved ones, loss of productivity and focus, the need for more and more soothing and stimulation over time, a sense of entrapment, depression and feelings of helplessness and shame. “I have rescued clients on the brink of taking their lives”, Douchin said. “People just do not realise the damage until it is too late, once their wife has left with the children and the house”.

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About Dimitri Douchin

Dimitri Douchin is a psychotherapist specialised in the link between addictions and trauma. His mission is to help people find peace within themselves, live a purposeful life away from addictive behaviours.

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