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T or F: Americans throw away over 50 million tons of food each year http://bit.ly/1k570dK  #LessFoodWaste -  @CSRwire (tweet)

Do you know the difference between “Best By,” “Sell By,” and “Use By?” According to our expert panel during #LessFoodWaste, that is one of the most important things consumers can know to help fight food waste.

During the LIVE 60-minute chat, Ron Cotterman, VP of Sustainability at Sealed Air, and his team, joined us to talk about reducing food waste and how that can help fight hunger – things that are very close to the heart of this packaging company and can explored in its 2015 Sustainability Report.

Hi everyone!  Looking forward to our #lessfoodwaste discussion at 1PM EST. - @Sealed_Air (tweet)

We can all play a role in preventing food waste #LessFoodWaste - @Sealed_Air (tweet)

It's great to be here today.  As VP of sustainability, I constantly look for ways to meet both societal and business needs #LessFoodWaste - @Sealed_Air (tweet)

Reducing food waste is one of our greatest opportunities to lessen environmental impacts and create societal benefits #LessFoodWaste - @Sealed_Air (tweet)

Food waste is a broad topic and the answers to questions can vary based on what part of the globe being referenced – or even what part of the country.  Sealed Air recently released a study that revealed a lot of shocking facts about food waste in the U.S.

Q3: @Sealed_Air, what's the problem with food waste? #LessFoodWaste - @3BLMedia (tweet)

870 MM people are starving yet >30% of food produced is never eaten - that's enough to feed 3 BN people. Cost is $750BN! #LessFoodWaste - @Sealed_Air (tweet)

Global demand for food will increase as population and consumption rises #LessFoodWaste - @Sealed_Air (tweet)

In the US, the EPA reports that food waste is the single largest waste stream in our landfills #LessFoodWaste - @Sealed_Air (tweet)

Throughout the #LessFoodWaste chat, we shared facts about food waste – many attendees were surprised by some of the stats. Many of us almost admitted our guilt towards create food waste in our own homes – from food going bad before we could consume it, to leftovers and forgotten about doggie bags.

4 in 5 adults have thrown away food in the last 6 months http://bit.ly/1k570dK  #LessFoodWaste Have you? -  @Justmeans (tweet)

@3BLMedia Today! I went out and felt bad about leaving so much of my meal, so I asked for a box and threw it away at home. #LessFoodWaste - @JessHMarketing (tweet)

In the past 6 months, 3/5 adults purchased fresh food specifically to freeze for later use #LessFoodWaste -  @CSRwire (tweet)

.@3BLMedia Last night! Went to grocery store hungry, food sat in fridge too long and went bad! #LessFoodWaste - @LaurenHannan (tweet)

If food waste was a country it would be the top third contributor to greenhouse gases!  #LessFoodWaste - @Sealed_Air (tweet)

For a company that is best known for its packaging (pop pop pop…), we wanted to know why is food waste is an issue Sealed Air has chosen to tackle. Sealed Air is passionate about food waste reduction because it realized that preventing food waste is an important part of global food security and this relates to a key part of its business – delivery solutions that reduce waste, keeping perishable foods fresh and safe. Explore its food security pillar of its 2020 Sustainability Goals.

Q7: How is @Sealed_Air re-imagining resources: reducing food waste to fight hunger? #LessFoodWaste - @3BLMedia (tweet)

Packaging is a key way to lengthen freshness life of many perishable foods, meat, produce, dairy, bakery #LessFoodWaste - @Sealed_Air (tweet)

Matching how food is available to households, proper quantities, portioning, to match sizes needed for meals #LessFoodWaste - @Sealed_Air (tweet)

As the chat continued, the audience had questions of their own to ask Sealed Air’s Ron Cotterman – even how we can be more aware during this holiday season!

What is the easiest thing ppl can do today to reduce #foodwaste? #LessFoodWaste @Sealed_Air - @LaurenHannan (tweet)

Thanksgiving is coming up, one of the most food wasteful holidays. Any tips on how we can be more mindful? #lessfoodwaste @Sealed_Air - @JessHMarketing (tweet)

#LessFoodWaste Q: is most of the food waste by volume created pre or post consumer? -  @LL3BL (tweet)

Tell us more about sustainable packaging & hygiene solutions, and the recyclability of the packaging? #LessFoodWaste - @EarthShare (tweet)

What's a common practice that we don't realize is #foodwaste? #lessfoodwaste @Sealed_Air - @LaurenHannan (tweet)

As #LessFoodWaste wrapped up, Ron Cotterman and the team at Sealed Air left us with some words of wisdom. Hopefully we all learned a few things that we can implement starting today and reduce our food waste!

Portion planning is key. Purchase and cook only the amount you need for your guests #LessFoodWaste - @Sealed_Air (tweet)

Reducing food waste is much easier than it seems.  Small changes make a big difference.  Spread the word!  #LessFoodWaste - @Sealed_Air (tweet)

We were also granted a wealth of resources from the chat – shared by Sealed Air and attendees. If you want to learn more about food waste and what you and your organization can do to have an impact, please check out the resources below:

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