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Creative Biolabs Unveils Access to a Comprehensive Set of One-Stop PROTAC Services

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Creative Biolabs can provide a one-stop proteolysis targeting chimeria (PROTAC) development service to global clients to meet their drug discovery and disease research needs.

New York, USA – August 12, 2022 – Creative Biolabs, a leading biotech company characterized by skillful scientists, advanced platforms, and superior after-sales service, can provide a one-stop proteolysis targeting chimeria (PROTAC) development service to global clients to meet their drug discovery and disease research needs.

The sharp rise in the use of biopharmaceuticals and large molecule drugs over recent years has made peptides and proteins popular drug discovery targets for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. PROTAC is emerging as a powerful targeted protein degradation technology, which has merged as a potential therapeutic strategy for cancer by degrading pathogenic proteins. Its attraction in the field of drug development is further increased by the fact that it is the first targeted protein degrader in clinical usage.

Featured PROTAC Design to Meet Drug Discoveries

PROTAC is a heterobifunctional small molecule consisting of a linker and two warheads-one binds to the target protein, and the other recruits the E3 ligase. Creative Biolabs provides PROTAC design services to meet global clients’ new drug discoveries. All aspects covered in the PROTAC design service package are the following:

* Ligand Design for Target Protein

* Ligand Screening for E3 Ligase

* Linker Design and Optimization

* PROTAC Structural Modification

* Custom Peptide and Compound Synthesis

Reliable Peptide Custom Synthesis

Sakamoto invented the first PROTAC. An ovalicin peptide is the ligand for the target protein MetAP-2, and a phosphopeptide is the ligand for recruiting E3 ligase. The ligands for target proteins in CRBN-based PROTACs-ARV-825 and dBET1-are developed from small molecule inhibitors. Furthermore, unique peptide and small-molecule compound synthesis is required for improving current or novel PROTACs. With significant experience and a sophisticated peptide synthesis platform, Creative Biolabs has delivered dependable, tailored peptides for scientists all over the world and is now able to supply goods at a rapid speed to help clients accelerate projects. Creative Biolabs’ service advantages are separated into two categories:

* Competitive pricing and reliable quality.

* Quick turnaround and consistency assurance.

HaloTag Fusion Proteins Widely Used for Bio-orthogonally Labeled Proteins In Vivo

The HaloPROTAC utilizes the HaloTag protein, an engineered bacterial dehalogenase that allows covalent conjugation of a chloroalkane-labeled molecule to a fusion protein of interest. To expand the applications of HaloTag, the combination of HaloPROTACs with CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing was used to induce the rapid degradation of endogenous proteins. Creative Biolabs will assist global customers in developing PROTACs with more drug-like features using the HaloPROTAC platform. In addition, the HaloPROTAC method, which combines HaloPROTAC with CRISPR/Cas9-mediated endogenous protein tagging, offers a practical tool for examining an endogenous system and validating the therapeutic potential of degrading its protein target.

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About Creative Biolabs

As a leading service provider in the field of biological research and drug discovery, Creative Biolabs is fully competent and dedicated to serving one-stop PROTAC-based molecular drug discovery. With comprehensive and advanced platforms, Creative Biolabs’ services range from ligand design and ligand screening for E3 ligase to PROTAC structural modification.

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